In 2019, during my Son's Birthday, I almost lost the battle to Diabetes. This is my story...

Mr. Anthony

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6th may, 2022 | 203,463 views

We had an interview with one of the lucky diabetic patients, Mr. Anthony, as he was able to regulate his blood sugar level due to a newly found remedy

Mr. Anthony is a 53 year old man who had type 1 diabetes for years and has been restricted from living a normal life, he gave full details of how he was able to normalize his blood level sugar from 7.8mmol/L to a 5.7mmol/L

Good day everyone, my name is Mr. Anthony and this is my story…

When I found out about my diabetes, I thought it would be an easy thing for me to treat, until a friend of mine told me diabetes had no treatment

I was shocked as to how expensive diabetes drugs are with no treatment

After 3-4 years of searching for a remedy to this terrible illness, I gave up and accepted the fact that I had to live with my diabetes illness forever

One faithful day, I forgot to take my insulin injection before leaving my apartment with my wife to a shopping mall close to my house, my wife remember halfway to the shopping mall and advised me to go back to the house but we were almost at the shoppping mall and I was so tired,

On getting to the shopping mall, I didn't expect a long queue at the counters, few minutes standing in the line to pay for our goods I could feel my vision becoming blurry and my feet and hand getting numbed

I knew I was in trouble, I immediately tapped my wife's shoulder to inform her but I blacked out I could still feel and hear my wife's screams

I was rushed to the hospital, I received some treatment.

The following morning, the doctor walked in and was explaining my medical terms to my wife and me and told us about a newly found remedy,

he explained in detail how the research was made as he was one of the students who volunteered to join the research team and he said and I quote,

“A good science is hardly done by a person”

My wife and I got so interested in this incredible treatment and decided to try it out as this is what I have been praying for all my life

I took 2 months off my work and I was kept under observation for a month and 2 weeks to the doctor's surprise my blood sugar level begannormalizing as I had only undergone half the treatment

When my wife heard about it, she was happy and in tears as we have gone through a lot of pain because of this illness

I was at the ICU for 2 months and was sent home to my wife but I was to come for an everyday check-up to note my day-to-day development

This incredible treatment has balanced my life, it took me a couple of days to realize things are different now,

I can live like a regular person and I am doing it pretty well

My numbers are great and my wife and I are living our best life

This incredible treatment is now out as my Doctors said “this is a once in a lifetime treatment”

I will advise you not to miss out on this incredible opportunity on restoring your blood sugar level

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